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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Jeremy Rhoades

Jeremy Rhoades Hello!
I grew up at an altitude of 10,400ft/3,170m, at the Top of the Rockies. A place where the oxygen is thin, but what is plentiful are sunny days, long winters, and panoramic alpine beauty. My appreciation for the outdoors stems from growing up in these mountains and being taught about our Creator. At an early age I began such activities as skiing, hiking, mountaineering, and camping - the basics of mountain living. Of these, I still prefer climbing mountains the most, I've now reached the summit of the 14ers in Colorado 60+ times.

Driven by the desire to share Alaska with my family, and friends, I began my photography after locating to Anchorage in 1999. Even as an amateur I endeavored to capture the beauty that is found only there! That unique light Alaska offers in both the light and dark seasons, which causes the landscape to seem surreal.

The majority of my time photographing is spent in Colorado, currently, I enjoy living in Leadville. But I occasionally get out to the Northern and Canadian Rockies.

My early exposure to photography: I am thankful that while growing up, my dad made it a point to travel with our family. I cherish those times together and the places we saw. However, every time I turned around my older sister wanted us to pose for a photo. It seemed too, we were always waiting for my dad and/or grandfather while they took scenic slide photos, in all directions every 100 yards down the road or trail. I can still see them with 2 or 3 cameras hanging from their necks each with a different film speed or lens size, and a light meter in one hand trying to get it just right. Now I laugh as I find myself in similar rituals. I have also gained an appreciation for how much the light and shot can change every 100 yards down the trail.

As I ponder just what makes someone a photographer, I remember reading in one of my photography How to... books (Yes, for those of you who know me, I do actually read from time to time) where it said: - 'What one photographer thinks is an accurate exposure, in that it captures the mood or essence of a scene as he or she saw it, another photographer may consider inaccurate if it fails to conform to pre-defined technical rules.' What did those words tell me? First - I did not have to finish reading that book (which I did not) and Second - I could become a photographer!

Well, I would like to think I have an eye for what makes a great photograph, even if I am still trying to master the quote unquote "BEST" techniques. When I point a camera at a scene it does not see what I do, it merely provides a means of recording part of what I see. I believe a photographer is one who accurately depicts the scene he saw in his mind and echoes the inner passion that led him to take the photo. I hope you enjoy my attempts at this. I would like your opinion, so feel free to leave a comment on any photos! Enjoy the galleries, and if you have any questions or observations please email me. Thank you for your time!

Jeremy Rhoades

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